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Cisco Nexus Interview Questions

Most important Cisco Nexus Interview Questions you may face while in Interview on Cisco Nexus Technologies such as on VDC, vPC, FEX, Checkpoints and many more.

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Cisco Nexus Interview Questions

1. What is VDC in Cisco Nexus? and How many VDCs can be created when we have SUP1?

2. What is the command to check List of VDC? Command to allocate Interfaces to Non-Default VDCs?

3. What is the reason that LACP does not work by default? How can we enable it?

LACP has to be enabled in Cisco Nexus Environment. You can use “Show Feature” command to check the status of LACP.

4. How to find Unique Host ID of Nexus Device for Licensing?

Licenses in Cisco Nexus is issued on the Basis of Host id.   Use  “Show license Host-ID” command to check  the Host ID

5. How can we check the list of Feature-sets available?

Show Feature-set

6. Commands to check the list of Modules?

Show Module

7. What is the main Difference between M series Line Card and F Series?

F Series cards are for Layer 2 functionality Only ( Some advance F Series cards may have Layer 3 ). M series Modules support Layer 2 and Layer 3.  M Series Module has to be in Your Chassis to be able to do Routing. F series modules can use Proxy routing using M Series Modules present in Device.

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8. What is FEX? How to check the Version of FEX once it is discovered?

Its a kind of Line card which is brain less and non-configurable from its own console. It has to be connected to Parent switch either 5K or 7K . Once configured well from Parent- It will appear as Line Card.  You can use “Show Fex” or “Show fex detail” for verifying configuration.

9. What is Static Pinning? What is the max limit of Pinning of Links can be set when we use Port channel?

10. How many Fex can be connected on Nexus 5000?

11 What happens when FEX go offline due to some reasons? What happens to Config . Does it get deleted?

Config remains in Parent however- not visible. Once Fex is reconnected- You will be able to see configuration.

12. what is checkpoint? How many checkpoints can be set?

It is similar to windows checkpoint. You can save your configuration till any point, later compare as well and if needed, rollback to checkpoints. You can also set multiple checkpoints.

13. How to compare checkpoint? How Global changes are impactful when checkpoint is set on non-default VDC

14. What happens when device reloads- Does it retain Checkpoint files? How to rollback configuration

Reload will delete checkpoints which you have set. Rollback command is to revert the configuration

15. What are the Spanning Tree Modes available on Nexus 7K and 5K?


VPC Questions

16. what is vPC? How it is different from VSS?

17. Does vPC work on Active Active ? If yes, then why do we have vPC Primary and Secondary?

18. What is vPC Peer Link ? What happens when it go down?

19. what is vPC Peer Keepalive? What happens when this link goes down?

20. How many devices you can include in vPC Domain? What happens when you change the domain Name or Number? Will it delete the configuration? Does domain name need to be Same on Both vPC Peers?

21.  What is vPC peer check? How does it stop loops?

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