EIGRP Subnet Case

Projects-3Case:-  All of the three routers are running eigrp routing protocol . All of the subnets are advertised accurately i.e. the way they are described and summarization is disabled in every router. AS number is 100 in all of the eigrp router. There is no restriction applied anywhere to block any route. Now, as we can see that R6 is advertising and R7 is advertising, so which of these subnets will enter in R5’s routing table? Whether or or both. Explain every case.

Solution: – Since EIGRP is running well and advertising all of the subnets, so in the above case, both routes will enter in R5 EIGRP routing table. I.e. Both and

Reason is has range of till Range of is till

When Router 5 has to reach, it will have two options to refer from routing table i.e. and It will give precedence to longest prefix match  i.e. 28 over 24 and therefore, will use

When Router 5 has to reach, It will have only one option i.e. so it will choose this one. It will not pick because does not come in the range of

So R5 will have both subnets in its routing table.


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